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A Message From Our Esteemed Shaykh Dr. Waleed Basyouni Concerning Recent ISIS Threats:


Why ISIS Is targeting US’s Churches and Synagogues in Christmas and Hanukkah?

It is not the first time ISIS threatens to attack churches, synagogues or other places of worship including mosques. Only a few months ago an attack on the Holy Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Madina took place in Saudi Arabia by an ISIS operative.

Many have asked me why ISIS wants to attack places of worship despite the fact that it is forbidden in Islam to target such places even at war. Is it because of their hate towards Jews and Christians? Is it because they want the United States to change their foreign policy in the Middle East? Or is it a revenge for the Syrians?


The realty is that ISIS knows that none of this is going to change and is not going to make Americans love Muslims, or bring satisfaction to the Syrians who lost their loved ones.

ISIS’ “Khalifa” called for an end to the so called “Gray Zone” through which Muslims and non-Muslims see opportunities to work together for a better future in a multicultural society in which different people of different cultures and backgrounds live in peace and harmony.

ISIS understands that America is a faith-based society and most Americans are God-loving citizens of whom about 40% go to church regularly and this number multiplies during the holidays, so what can be a better opportunity for them to make Americans hate and fear Islam than this threat at this time? It will make more Americans willing to engage in war with Islam and Muslims or at least not to care about or sympathize with Muslims. That will push Muslims to the other end of the spectrum and as a result more of them will start feeling compelled to go to the opposite end, which will ultimately divide the world to two camps eliminating therefore the “Gray Zone” which I prefer to call the common ground.


I encourage all of my friends, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to not fall into ISIS’ trap and to show them that they do not know us.

We are one country with different cultures, different religions and of several ethnicities.

Our diversity is the secret behind our success, and the moment we abandon our principles as Americans we will lose something far more important than the war on terrorism—We will lose our values.

I ask my community leaders in America and anywhere the threat is made against Churches and Synagogues to offer to join their respective communities in their services for Christmas or Hanukkah as supporters and observers.

Yes we do not celebrate religious holidays outside of Islam but we are there to show solidarity and reciprocate the great golden rule, which is to love for your neighbor what you love for yourself. I wish to send through this participation two clear messages:

The first message is to ISIS and their followers: that an attack on any American is an attack on all of us.

The second message is to all of our friends and neighbors that we are true allies against injustice and we stand together as one nation under God.


May Allah protect and bless us all.


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