February 21st, 2017

Fellow faith leaders,

We offer these words of support to the Jewish community in Houston who have seen a rise in anti-Semitism through bomb threats, vandalism, and hate speech in our country, and most notably, a bomb threat at the JCC of Houston. These despicable acts do not represent the fabric of our city, state or that of our nation. We stand next to you saddened and shocked by the actions of those who have not had a chance to learn about you, your families, and your faith. As the Jewish and Muslim communities, along with all other minorities face a growing wave of dissent because of the political winds, know that the Muslim community continues to, and will always stand with you and your families against anti-Semitism. We will not allow the seeds of hate to sprout in our city without fierce resistance.

Know this day, and know this always, an attack on a person of Jewish faith is an attack on all of us. We will always stand together.

Your friends,

Imam Abdullah Daniel Hernandez, Imam of Pearland Islamic Center

Imam Waleed Basyouni, Imam of Clear Lake Islamic Center

Imam Salah Alsawy, Imam of Mishkah Center

Imam Wazir Ali, Imam of Masjid WD Mohammed

Imam Tauqer Shah, Imam of Maryam Islamic Center

Imam Hamza Ghia, Imam of Masjid Hamza

Imam M. Ahmed Khan, Imam of the Islamic Center of Baytown

Imam Mamdouh Mahmoud, President of Roots & Sprouts Masrur Khan, President of Islamic Society of Greater Houston

Faraz Khan, President of ICNA Houston Unit Mohammed Bader, President of Muslim American Society – Houston

Yusuf Shere, Board Member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations – Houston Mujahid Fletcher, President of IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico

Masaud Baaba, President of ElFarouq Foundation

Ameer Abuhalimeh, Executive Director of Islamic Da’wah Center

Shakir Olakukan, President of Masjidul Mumineen Eka Kristanto, President of the Indonesian American Muslim Community

Basim Hameed, President of Shadow Creek Muslim Community Center

Naser Mustafa, President of Almeda Islamic Center

Faizan Majid, Director of Houston Leadership Academy

Mohammad Shalaby, Board Member of IMAN Academy

Haytham Soliman, Director of Texas Dawah Conference

Faiza Patrwala, President of Risala

Ammar AlShukry, AlMaghrib Institute Houston HQ

Saqib Gazi, President of Muslim Students Association at UH

Shariq Abdul Ghani, Director of Minaret Foundation