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My Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Campaign!

Mr. Trump’s remarks and bizarre statements about Islam and Muslims have been all over the news and that is most likely why he is saying what he is saying–publicity!!!

In the beginning, no one took Mr. Trump seriously due to his unpersuasive and comical character; however, now he seems to be detested and abhorred for his racial remarks everyday. His campaign will end soon and He will be relegated to the dark side of history.

We as Muslim Americans are well aware that such remarks are nothing but cheap provocative efforts, which will never change our perception of the society in which we live peacefully and in harmony with our neighbors and fellow citizens. Mr. Trump and everyone like him will never succeed in breaking the bond that connects us all together.

Whether Mr. Trump knows it or not, the benefits that he may gain as a result from such remarks can never outweigh the harmful effects due to the following reasons:

1- They confirm what ISIS and other terrorist groups have always called for—hating the west and that Western Nations are the enemies of Islam. Therefore they surmise, it becomes obligatory upon every Muslim to show them enmity and hatred. Trump supports this rhetoric whether he knows it or not. This inevitably leads to more violence, terrorism and is dangerous to our national security.

2- Trumps remarks and statements will also increase the negative sentiments felt by the fundamentalist right wing—which inevitably increase violent incidents against Muslims. There are people who have been killed, attacked, beaten, terrified, and threatened as a result of this message of hate and racism against Muslims.

So there are people who have been victimized, losses of all kinds that have been incurred. Is Trump and his likes through using Islamophobia as a way to gain more votes and achieve cheap campaigning victories worth the losses and the victimization of those innocent people?

I call upon:

– The Republican party to stop this nonsense, and disqualify Mr. Trump from representing the party, knowing how the GOP has a long history of supporting religious freedom, and human rights.

– All other Presidential candidates to stand together in condemning such remarks.

– That all faith community, civil organizations, and political leaders speak out against Trumps rogue and nonsensical statements.

– The American public to open its arms and hearts and minds to their fellow citizens among American Muslims (their colleagues, and neighbors) for the purpose of understanding them and their faith.

– All muslims and non-muslims to hit Mr. Trump where it hurts the most by boycotting his businesses, shows, and products until he apologies for all his racist comments.

– Mr. Trump to suspend his campaign and all political activity and reevaluate his political and social views.

Our world needs those who unify it rather than divide it, who heal its wounds not those who deepen them. Our world needs more hope and love and less fear and hate our world needs understanding and tolerance not bigotry and racism.

Waleed Basyouni, PhD.

Imam and Directore


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