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Etiquette of visiting others – Khutbah By Sh. Waleed Basyouni

Khutbah by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni on Friday 2/19/2010 ab0ut the etiquette of visiting others.

Virtues of visiting your Muslim brother/sister in Islam:
The Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said that Allaah (SWT) said, “Indeed My Love will be given to those who love one another for My sake, those who visit one another for My sake..”

The Prophet (SAS) said, “When a person goes to visit his brother, an angel will pray for him and say, ‘May you be blessed and your steps be blessed and may you have a place in Paradise.”

Loving to host guests is a quality of the prophets and messengers of Allaah

Abu Bakr (RA) used to tell ‘Umar (RA), “Let us go visit Umm Haani’. The Prophet (SAS) used to visit her.”

Being Hospitable to One’s Guests is a Sign of Faith

The Prophet (SAS) said, “Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day should be hospitable to his guests.”

Hospitality to one’s guests applies to Muslims and non-Muslims. Raise your children to be hospitable towards guests Miserliness is not a characteristic of the Muslim

Etiquette of the visitor:

  • Knocking on the door gently
  • Taking permission before entering
  • Beginning with As-Salaam
  • Asking for permission three times and then leaving if not granted
  • Mentioning your name
  • Not peeking inside
  • Not standing directly in front of the door, rather to the side
  • Not leaving without the host’s permission
  • Sitting in the place where you were asked to sit
  • Sitting wherever there is an empty spot, don’t take someone else’s seat
  • Making space for anyone when comes
  • Not sitting between two people without their permission
  • Not sitting in a way that is improper
  • Not conversing secretly when there is a third person present
  • Lowering your gaze and respecting their privacy
  • Not exposing what happened at the gathering if it was private or not proper
  • Showing satisfaction with whatever is presented to you from food or drink
  • Avoiding too much joking or argumentation
  • Understanding the rights of people at the gathering
  • Speaking in a proper manner
  • Being a good listener
  • Avoiding gatherings made for doing what is forbidden
  • Not leading the prayer without the host’s permission
  • Not doing any improper, unrefined behaviors
  • Remembering Allaah and saying salaah on the Prophet (SAS) at the gathering
  • Not visiting repeatedly in a short time
  • Not making one’s stay too long
  • Choosing the right time to visit
  • Thanking your hosts and praying for them
  • Fixing any messes your children may have made
  • Not taking someone that your hosts would not want to visit with you
  • If visiting someone sick, keeping it short and giving a lot of positive words
  • Taking gifts with you

Etiquette of the Host:

  • The Prophet (SAS) said, “Indeed, your guests have rights upon you”
  • Being generous and hospitable
  • Showing happiness at their visit
  • Serving them, and not asking them to help
  • Using the opportunity to encourage and engage them to do righteous deeds
  • Not leaving them alone at the door or by themselves for long time
  • Not burdening oneself
  • Respecting their privacy and lowering your gaze
  • Not embarrassing them
  • Walking guests to their cars or to the door

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