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Give Thanks!

Thank You, Allah!

“And a few of my servants are thankful” (Saba’:13)

I had a friend in high school who worked hard in his studies. While keeping up with his school work, he was trying to memorize the Quran. For those who are not aware of how arduous this task is, the Quran is about 600 pages long. He did finish memorizing the Quran before the end of high school, and was one of the top 10 students nationwide in the national scholastic exam (tawjihi: equivalent to SAT). What was amazing about this story is that my friend was blind. He had to use brailleI in all of his studies and had a braille copy of the Quran. I know there are many similar stories and even more intense, but this was a story that had affected me for a long time. He was a very grateful and serene person who no matter how hard it was, he kept on task. Many of us think that thanks are only given when someone gives you something or does you a favor. From my friend’s story, I see that thanks are due in all situations and at all times. He saw in his disability a challenge that he needed to overcome and excel in life because of it not in spite of it. 

I say this because many people fail to realize that their most important source of blessings is perhaps an unexpected challenge or an adversity that they had to endure. I hear all the time from people that their sickness was a blessing, their accident changed them to be better, or that their loss awakened them to see life clearly. Allah’s blessings come in many different ways. 

“And if you should count the blessings of Allah, you will never be able to count them all, indeed Allah is Forgiving Most Merciful” (al Nahl:18)

Let’s be thankful this thanksgiving and everyday of the year not only for the obvious blessings that we receive but also for the blessings in disguise that we fail to see as a blessing.

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