Our programming provides outlets for your youth’s needs. We offer consistent weekly programs while introducing special seasonal programs along with various workshops to help motivate your youth.

Weekly programs are available to help engage your youth in the masjid to further their development as young Muslims in America.

Friday Night Lights: Youth Halaqah Our weekly programs designed to engage your middle – high school youth at a social level. We discuss issues relevant to their daily lives while providing an open forum for further discussion.

Saturday Islamic School: Our Islamic school offers classes for youth ages 3-18. Topics covered include Islamic Studies, Qur’an, Arabic, and Activity sessions. For more information contact Sr. Fatemah Shalabi at Fatemah77@yahoo.com

Advanced Youth Discussion Group: The advanced discussion group is geared towards youth ages 17+. Our weekly meetings include discussions focused on making Islam relevant in our lives.

Seasonal programs are also offered for when your youth are not tied down with school. Some of these include: Spring Camping Trip, Summer Youth Camp.

Workshops are a great way to add to your youths functional abilities. During the course of the year we offer various workshops that help prepare your youth to succeed in this life and the next. Workshop topics include public speaking, khateeb preparations, leadership training, attaining the mindset of a hero, and other various topics.


For more information regarding our youth programs please contact our Youth Director Br. Zuhair Sha’ath at Zuhair@TheMasjid.org