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Salah Announcement!

This is a personal note direct from me, Imam Waleed Basyouni, to all of our community members.  We are all aware of the drastic rise in positive cases of the virus and hospitalizations, and we are bound as a community to do what is safest for us as individuals and for the community at large.  As such, I am announcing some significant changes to our current arrangements after consulting with number of doctors and our team at CLIC. 

1. While we will continue to offer Jumu’ah prayers, attendance at this time is not wajib (obligatory) and I strongly encourage everyone to pray Dhuhr at your home until further notice.

2.  In order to limit the number of daily gatherings at the masjid, we will be combining Dhuhr and Asr at Dhuhr time, and Maghrib and Isha at Maghrib time inshaAllah starting from Thursday 6/25 for a week then we will reevaluate. 

Beyond that, I encourage everyone to take any personal precautions available to them to protect themselves and minimize the spread of the virus.  This includes wearing a mask in public and avoiding any large gatherings. I ask Allah to keep all of us safe, to cure the sick, and to remove us from the trial of this pandemic.

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