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The Inevitable Hereafter – Khutbah By Sh. Ibrahim Ezghair

As I was driving home last night, I stopped at the same red light that I had always stopped at. However, last night was different. I noticed a lady crossing the road. As she reached the median a truck came out of now where and hit her. It threw her a few yards. She landed on her face. I was completely stunned at how fragile life is and how frail we are. She was motionless. But then alhamdulillah she started to moan from pain. She was alive.

That scene made me ponder. She was going home from work. She was probably thinking of what she was going to do when she arrived. Many things might have been on her mind—but indeed nothing like this crossed her mind. Why would it? She made this walk many times before.

Are we ready for an eventuality like that? Is the inescapable destiny always on our mind? Do we think of it every day or how often do we? Allah says: “Do you see if we have allowed them to enjoy life for years? Then that which they have been promised would come to them; what would benefit them what they have been enjoying?”

O human kind you will take the journey of your life on earth with struggle. You will carry the burdens of life, struggle to your maximum, you will walk the path until your reach the end when you will meet your Lord. To Him is your return after enduring its struggle and hardship.

O mankind, You will struggle even for your joy and that which you wish for Struggle in your body and soul. O Children of Adam! All of you will go through the same struggles and difficulties but in different ways. Same reality but different struggles. Then will you arrive! Then will you meet Him Who created you.

O mankind: You will not find true comfort and happiness on this earth ever. True comfort and happiness is there. It is prepared for those who obey and submit. Everyone of you will live the struggle of this life but the result is different in the hereafter: it is either Jannah or Jahannam.

It is now your choice; to live your struggle in submission to your Creator, or live your struggle rebelling against Him.

Our whole life is based on this truth. It is the ultimate truth. We prepare ourselves for that abode. We will never escape it. It all started when Allah created Adam (AS) to be on this earth. He brought forth his offspring as described in this ayah (7:172):

This was also described in a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad from Ibn Abbas that The Prophet (saw) said: “Indeed Allah took the covenant from the loins of Adam (Allayhee al salam) at Nu’man in Arafah. He took from his loins every child to be born. He spread them all before His hands. He addressed them directly: “Am I not your Lord? They said: We testify. [He said:] lest you say on the Day of Judgment that we have been heedless. Or lest you say: our forefathers had disbelieved before, and we are a progeny that came after them. Do you destroy us for what they had done?”

It will also be said to a man from the people of Hell fire: “You see if you have the whole earth worth of wealth would you ransom yourself from this? He would say: “Yes”. Then Allah will say: “I had wanted you to do much easier than that. I had taken the covenant from you when you were in the lions of Adam that you should never disbelieve (associate anything with me) yet you refused but to do so.”

That was when it all started. We had given the covenant to Allah that we should never associate anything with Him. That we obey Him and follow the way He prescribed for us. Thereafter, we were conceived by our mothers, then born into this life, to live the test and the trials, the struggles and the difficulties. All of us are the same on that. Our difficulties may vary but the concept is the same.

Our whole life is based on the truth that we will meet our Creator and that He will ask us about the covenant that we had given, the messengers that had been sent to remind us and then our own actions and beliefs. What follows then is either the reward in Jannah or the punishment in Hell fire.

Man goes through several stages until he finally is in the hereafter:

  1. The first stage is in the non-existence.
  2. The second stage is when he is in his mother’s womb
  3. The third stage is when he is born into this life
  4. The third stage is when he enters the grave
  5. The fourth stage is when he is raised up from the grave on the Day of Judgment.

It is while we are concious and aware and living in this life that we can prepare for the hereafter. This life is when people have the chance to obey Allah and build their abode in Jannah in the hereafter. Throughout history Shaytan attempted to sway people from that and has been successful in persuading some people that there is no Judgment Day, that this the only they will ever live. How is it possible that people still disbelieve? Indeed it is being so heedless and preoccupied with the pleasures and delusions of this life.

You read in surat al Kahf the story of the man whom Allah has given two gardens to test him. He denied that there was going to be resurrection after death. Moreover he claimed that if there would be a resurrection that as Allah had favored him with the two gardens on this earth He would favor him with more in and better in the hereafter.

Man is in constant attempt to reach immortality, to no avail. Death overcomes them always. When are people going to wake up and realized that every day that passes them by is a day closer to their destiny?

Allaah (swt) called the Last Day by many names:

  1. He called it “Al Haaqqah”
  2. He Called it “Al Ghaashiyah”
  3. He Called it “Al Waaqi’ha”
  4. He called it “al Taammah”
  5. He called it “al Saakhkha”
  6. He called it “al Qaari’ah”

So brothers and sisters I want you to know that your life on this earth is linked to your life in the hereafter and your life in the hereafter is dependent on what you do on this life. One should never construe what I have said as that Islam does not care about this life except as much as it serves the hereafter. No, that is not the purpose of my khutbah. Islam wants you to live a balanced life where you take the best of this life and the best of the next. Allah commands us to pray for that. Allah says:

O our Lord grant us the goodness of this life and the goodness of the hereafter and save us from the torment of the Hell Fire.

Allah also says:

“Whoever works righteousness whether male or female, while he or she is a true believer, verily to him /her We will give a good life in this world with respect contentment and lawful provision and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.” Nahl 97

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