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The Sacred Journey of Hajj (Part One)

The Sacred Journey Of Hajj (Part One)

NOTE: As Eid Adha approaches InshaAllah we will be exploring this sacred holiday that we follow. These articles have been prepared by Shaykh Abdul Rahman in collaboration with the “New Muslim Guide.”

History of Hajj


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When Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) took his wife, Hagar, and son, Ismail to the barren valley of Makkah, where there was no sign of life, vegetation or water and left them there, He had known that what he did was Allah’s will, and that Allah’s promise was the absolute truth. Being a father and a husband charged with great emotions of sadness, he could not turn around to see the look on his wife calling him, “O Ibrahim! Are you going to leave us here in this place?” Asking such a few times, and the lack of answer by Ibrahim, made her realize: “O Ibrahim! Is it Allah’s command? then Allah will never forsake us.” Ibrahim could not even answer her, being overwhelmed with emotions.

Ibrahim then goes to the nearest mountain, looks over the valley and raises his hands, “O Allah! I have left some of my offspring in a valley of no vegetation! O Allah! So that they will worship you! Make the hearts of people go out to them! Provide for them from all kinds of fruits.” It was then decreed Ibrahim and his son Ismail as he grew up that they both would build the first house of worship for Allah (the Exalted the Glorified).

As the Qur’an states, “And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House (the Ka‛bah), [they prayed:] ‘Our Lord, accept this from us, for You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.’” (Soorat Al-Baqarah, 2:127)

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Abu Dharr  , one of the Prophet’s noble companions, once asked the Prophet  , “Messenger of Allah, which mosque was built first on earth?” “The Sacred Mosque [in Makkah], he replied. Abu Dharr again asked, “Which was next?” “Al-Aqsaa Mosque [in Jerusalem],” he replied. “How long was the period between them?” Abu Dharr further enquired, “Forty years,” the Prophet   replied. “Wherever you may be and the prayer time becomes due,” he continued, “offer the prayer there, for virtue lies in offering the prayers at their due times.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree: 3186, Saheeh Muslim: 520)

Upon completing the building of the House of Allah, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) turned to Allah, Who commanded him to call upon the people to answer the call of Allah to come to His house:

“Announce hajj to mankind. They will come to you on foot and on every sort of lean animal, coming by every distant road.” (Soorat Al-Hajj, 22:27)

It was said that all the prophets performed hajj to the Sacred House, according to a statement by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)


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