CLEAR LAKE ISLAMIC CENTER was founded and is committed to a set of core principles that provide the framework for everything we do. Our aim is to follow the teachings of al Quran and Al Sunnah in a revivalist orthodox style. We do so by providing authentic knowledge and excellent services to our community members. Our core values include maintaining a clean, cool, cutting edge environment, being an environmentally conscious organization, being a women and teen friendly organization, providing a family-fun conservative atmosphere, and seeking simplicity and clarity in everything we do.

If you leave the youth in a state of helplessness, they will be easily manipulated by outside influences. Therefore, empowering our youth is an integral aspect of how Clear Lake Islamic Center is run.

Over all, we would like to be a force of improvement of the livelihood of the larger Houston community via being an active member of it. It is our intent and goal to cooperate with all organizations locally and nationally on what is commonly agreed upon as good and beneficial.

Clear Lake Islamic Center started in 1996 as a small “Musalla” in a strip mall across the road from NASA. In 1999, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni joined the Masjid as its Imam and we have been blessed with his direction and efforts ever since. Our masjid has embarked on many dawah and educational programs ever since the beginning of our history. In 2000, we were incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in the state of Texas. Few years after that, Clear Lake Islamic Center purchased a building on a 2.5 acres to transform into their a new Masjid (which we currently occupy). Construction started in June 2008 and it included four phases of construction that have been planned:

    • Phase I: Completion of the women’s prayer area and auxiliary women’s area, hallway, multipurpose room, offices and wudo areas. (completed)
    • Phase II:Completing the west wing of the building into a large community hall that includes a sisters lounge, a brother lounge, an indoor playground for the children, a fitness room, a game room, a classroom and an office. (completed).
    • Phase III: Completing the parking lot. (completed)
  • Phase IV: Completing the Men’s prayer area and the façade’ of the Masjid including the two minarets. (completed)

Our Commitment

At Clear Lake Islamic Center we are COMMITTED to the following:

  1. Clear Lake Islamic Center sees itself as a part of the larger Houston area and aims to improve the well-being of all people in our community.
  2. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to providing excellent services to Clear Lake and surrounding areas.
  3. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to cooperating with other organizations on positive causes that meet Islamic norms.
  4. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to creating a fun, clean, and welcoming atmosphere, by using cutting edge technology and interior design.
  5. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to be friendly to the environment.
  6. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to developing masjid culture that is friendly to women.
  7. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to the empowerment of our youth.
  8. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to teamwork while appreciating the uniqueness of every individual.
  9. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to providing an environment that is fun, safe and family friendly.
  10. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to reviving the authentic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah in the lives of Muslims today.
  11. Clear Lake Islamic Center is committed to promoting beneficial knowledge.